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The UB Law Experience

  • Law School Community

    Get involved and make connections with dozens of student groups, such as the American Constitution Society,  Black Law Students Association, Student Government Association, OutLAW, and many more.

    Work in one of our legal clinics to start making a difference in the Baltimore community while you're honing your lawyering skills. 


    Law is known as being a very adversarial profession. But law school does not need to be that same way. And here at University of Baltimore School of Law, students are very collaborative, very friendly, very helpful. I've always felt very connected with the student body.

    The culture among the law students here, I would have to say is very diverse. There are people from all different walks of life, all different races, all different ages. So it definitely helps to make the learning experience a little bit better because you're getting a lot of different opinions, a lot of different mindsets all in one area. So I think it's definitely easy to meet someone with a different mindset than you.

    As far as the organizations here, if you have an interest in it, it's probably here. Whether it be a cultural group or interest group of something that you want to study, I think that UB has a great deal of that.

    The law school provides a lot of opportunities for students to be involved in the community. One of the ways is through our clinical programs where students can actually be doing one on one representation, whether it's with a truancy issue, whether it's a family law issue. There are great opportunities for students to work in the community and make a huge impact.