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The UB Law Experience

  • Law Center

    Our beautiful, light-filled law building offers six floors of library, open outdoor terraces, and private and group study rooms. It's an open and welcoming environment for learning and collaboration.


    University of Baltimore School of Law is in the John and Frances Angelos Law Center, which is a platinum status LEED certified building. It's very light-filled. It's very open. There are fabulous outdoor spaces, patios, terraces where you can have lunch and study. The kind of building we have and the kind of reputation that our school has in this community-- people are excited and proud to come to school every day.

    It makes for a better student environment, because everything's transparent, so it's easier to meet people, it's easier to see familiar faces, and it also provides an openness, so that you don't feel as closed-in as a traditional school building. I really like the study rooms. They provided great quiet space that's separate from the classrooms. Like the rest of the building, the study rooms are all glass. So although you're isolated, you don't feel completely alone, because you can easily look out to your left, and to your right, and see a familiar face.

    We are at the heart of Baltimore, both literally and figuratively. We're right on Charles Street, which is the main artery of Baltimore City. And across the street is Penn Station. You can easily get to Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia and New York. There is a lot of convenience associated with that, but symbolically, it's where we should be, because we are the law school of, for, and by Baltimore.