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The UB Law Experience

  • Focus on Success

    We help our students succeed with law scholars, a legal writing center program ranked in the top 30 in the nation, mentoring from faculty and alumni, and a dedicated Law Career Development Office.


    We support students in a variety of ways at the University of Baltimore, and one of the things we really take pride in is great academic advising. Right from the start, right from orientation, we are meeting students, getting to know them, getting to know their interests, their career goals, and we are working with them to give them individualized advice that can lead them to success, both here in law school and beyond in their career.

    For every first year class that a student has, we provide a trained law scholar. These peer mentors help enhance the learning process, help students have an edge in their classes. But we also have a faculty mentoring program. So every student who attends the University of Baltimore gets an assigned faculty mentor who will meet with that student, talk to the student about their goals and aspirations, give career advice, give class advice.

    There's two things that are most important about being a great lawyer. Those two things are one, being able communicate orally, but also, you must be able to write well. We have a writing center that helps you in terms of learning how to write well.

    The Law Career and Development Office provides so much support for students. Their door's always open for any student who is interested in their career, is interested in the field, just wants to figure out even what they want to do, or why they're here. At the end of the day, what UB does is it creates an environment where all the tools to your success are here.