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The UB Law Experience

  • Baltimore & D.C. Legal Community

    Did you know that one-third of the judges in Maryland are graduates of UB School of Law? Our alumni work in every legal field imaginable: in law firms, as prosecutors and public defenders, as law clerks and judges, and in government service at every level.

    Make your own path and make a difference with your UB law degree!


    Baltimore's a very close-knit legal community, quite candidly, but it's a large market, because you have Baltimore, you have DC. You can practice law in a number of venues here. You can have a solo practice, could be thriving with lots of corporate headquarters that are located here in the metropolitan area, so you could be corporate counsel. You could work for governmental entities. The Justice Department has a wonderful internship and externship. So there are a variety of practice settings that are available to law students if they choose to come here.

    I am so happy to be able to give back to the law school in whatever ways I can, and most importantly, through our students-- to provide opportunities for clerkships, for mentorship. I always have law clerks, and for the most part, my law clerks have been the University of Baltimore law school graduates. So that's a great opportunity for students to advance their careers, to get education, to network with other judges and lawyers in the community. So I've found that that's been very helpful to students.

    I think UB law school, how it's known in the community-- it has a wonderful reputation. We have a great new facility. Many of our students go on to be members of the judiciary, to be members of state government, to be corporate counsel. So it's just a great, thriving place to be.