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The UB Law Experience

  • Baltimore & D.C. Living

    UB is located in the heart of Baltimore, surrounded by amazing cultural and social attractions. To name a few:

    Washington, DC is a 30-minute train ride away; Penn Station is one block north of campus.


    So the school itself is in the Mount Vernon neighborhood. It's a great neighborhood to live. There's plenty of residential apartments, condos, and plenty of rentals around.

    Within walking distance of the campus, there's plenty of opportunities to experience the arts and the culture of the city, as far as having the Lyric Opera House here, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra; the Walters Art Museum is a few blocks south of the campus as well, very close to even going all the way to downtown, to the Inner Harbor, to Fells Point. So there's a lot of stuff to do and see for sure.

    Commuting to DC from UB is very doable. It's super close. It's as easy as hopping on a train that's located at Penn Station, which is a block away from the school.

    DC, Philly, even New York is only a couple of hours away on the train. So have an opportunity, if you want, to extend out that far. It's actually pretty easy.

    I'm originally from Toronto. So when I came here, I really didn't have a network to start off with. But from the moment I came for the first dinner here to today, it's been a community that's been super welcoming. And it's a community that I'm proud to be a part of now. And I want to continue to develop my participation and grow my connections further.