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  • Externships

    We believe practical experience is so important, we guarantee our students a summer externship placement after their first year.

    UB School of Law students have done externships at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, House of Ruth Maryland, Sinclair Broadcasting Group, TD Ameritrade, Maryland Office of the Attorney General, Maryland Disability Law Center, and many more organizations.


    Baltimore has a really vibrant legal community. Our judiciary is incredibly supportive of University of Baltimore. We have a lot of alumni who are judges in the state judiciary. So that provides a wealth of opportunities for students who are interested in doing a judicial internship or externship.

    I might also add that our legal community is broader than Baltimore. Students can do an internship or an externship in DC, in other surrounding counties. The externship and internship opportunities allow students to try different areas of the law.

    So the EXPLOR Program is a program that's unique to University of Baltimore Law School. It's been in existence for close to 25 years. And what it does is, it guarantees our 1L students, for their first summer, a legal opportunity so that they can build their resumé and be attractive to employers. So if they don't find something on their own, they can come back to us, apply to our EXPLOR Program, and we will ensure that they have a great legal experience their 1L summer.

    The Law Career Development Office was pretty instrumental in helping me get paired with the firm that I'm currently at. So, truly, it was through them and through the EXPLOR Program that I got connected with my current firm. So if it wasn't for the externship opportunity that I had at UB as a first-year law student, I possibly wouldn't be in this particular field a couple of years out of graduating.