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The UB Law Experience

  • Becoming a Lawyer

    Our faculty, staff and alumni are dedicated to helping you gain practical experience and discover your passion within the legal field. By the time you've earned your J.D., you will have the real-world legal experience and skills to prepare you, not just to get that first job, but to start contributing on day one.


    The UB Law School alumni are really the heart and soul of our Law Career Development Program. We really take advantage of the role that our alumni have in the legal community. We bring the alumni back to be on career panels. They act as 1L mentors. They help our students with mock interviews. We have practice interview evenings. And they help our students understand the importance of networking. We talk about networking from day one. We explain to our students that your networking starts with your classmates.

    The Explore Program is just this great opportunity for students to get out there and get either that judicial experience or that firm experience. They're going to be able to be with a judge or with a firm or even both. And you'll come out of it so much more prepared to tackle the rest of your law school experience as well as become a lawyer at the end of it.

    The Law Career Development Office provides a wide array of opportunities and resources. So for example, when I first came in I wanted help with resume writing. And they were able to look through everything and pull out things that attorneys would be interested in and law firms would be interested in. They got me the interview. They prepared me for the interview. And I thought that was just priceless.

    UB alumni stand out of the crowd because they have a practical knowledge of the law. They took advantage of this time to build their network, to build their intelligence, to build their skill, and ultimately build it in a way that a firm can use and that a judge can use.