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  • Evening Students

    Our part-time program is ranked 25th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. We make evening attendance as convenient as possible, with classes from 5:45 to 9 Monday through Thursday.

    Evening classes are taught by full-time faculty. Commuters will enjoy easy public transit access, especially the convenience of Penn Station, one block away.


    One of the biggest factors into why I decided to go to the University of Baltimore was that the public transit options were phenomenal. So I was able to take the MARC train from Washington DC directly to Penn Station. And within 10 minutes, I was in my seat in a classroom.

    As far as the professors for the evening program is one of the reasons why I picked University of Baltimore. It was clear that there was no difference between the day program and the evening program as far as the caliber of professors and having, in fact, the same professors. Some of our professors actually are currently still working, and that brings a different mix of how to get a job, how to work, how to network with other lawyers.

    The culture among evening students is definitely strong. We're all trying to get through this together. So if anyone has had any issues, whether that be family stuff, life stuff, work stuff, we normally help each other out.

    Staff and faculty are available for evening students to advise them on what classes to take, what clinics to attend. There are several clinics that are particularly accessible and suited for evening students. So those opportunities abound for evening students equally as the day students.

    With the support of the fellow students and the faculty and the staff here, especially at University of Baltimore, they have ample resources in order to help you, whatever your path is.