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Practical Learning


The UB Law Experience

  • Academic Programs

    The UB School of Law curriculum is grounded in legal theory and gives students the practical skills to be an effective lawyer.

    Choose an area of concentration -- such as business law, family law, intellectual property, or litigation and advocacy -- or build your own practice track.


    Students are able to study a wide range of things when they're here at the law school. We have a general program of legal education that prepares students for success. But beyond that, they can concentrate in things like international law, intellectual property law. They can pursue a wide variety of interests or explore other interests that they may want to pursue after graduation.

    Our law school is both practical and deeply grounded in legal theory. It's very important for students to understand the building blocks of the law. What is the Constitution about? Where did the rules of civil procedure and criminal procedure come from? What's the theory behind those laws? How are laws made? But very soon, our students are taking those building blocks and applying them through actual hands on activity.

    We have any number of externships in the DC and Baltimore area. We have clinics where students can actually act as attorneys and represent clients, a number of clinics in a range of different areas. So students really do get a lot of hands on experience here at UB.

    Having those experiences, you feel like you're ready to go in and give something valuable to your firm or to the state, to the city. And it just gave me that confidence that I needed where I could hit the ground running.